Salon Etiquette & Policies

Salon Policies

Cancellations and Appointment Time Changes

  • We ask for a 24 hour notice should you need to cancel or make any changes on Natural styling services , Cutting and Trimming Services, and conditioning Treatments.
  • We ask for 48 hour notice should you need to cancel or make any changes on color services,
    or Braiding services
  • Anything less than requested makes it difficult to fill our stylist valuable time. In effort to respect the time of ur salon guest and stylist, we reserve the right to evaluate same
    day/last minute cancellations or changes and charge a cancellation fee of $25 or 50% of you scheduled service(s), whichever is greater.

No shows

  • We understand life gets hectic and things happen, which is why we ask for your email address and mobile number to remind you of your upcoming appointments. We will forgive the first no show, beyond that, in an effort to respect your stylists’ time and livelihood, we require 
    no show reservations to be paid in full prior to scheduling and/or honoring future

Late Arrivals

  • Late arrivals tend to create stress and risk a compromised experience for your stylists’ and other guests. To ensure promptness and quality for all reservations throughout the day, we may elect to reschedule guests running 15+ minutes late to another convenient time. In the
    event that we have to cancel or reschedule your appointment due to tardiness we reserve the right to charge a last minute cancellation fee of $25 or 50% of your scheduled service(s), whichever is greater. Parking and traffic are always a challenge here in Atlanta, so please plan your commute to the salon accordingly.

 Deposits and Appointment Reservations

  • Due to the cost, time and/or complexity of certain salon services, we require a
    non-refundable 50% deposit for certain reservations, including, but not limited to, KMB
    treatments, braiding extension services, complex color corrections and off-site event

Deva Guest

  • The Deva Cut is a cutting technique preformed on dry curly hair. By cutting the hair dry in its natural state, your stylist is able not cut the curls where they live naturally, while
    taking shrinkage, density, band texture into consideration.
  • All Deva clients should arrive to the salon with your hair washed between 24-36 hours prior to your appointment. Deva clients should arrive with their hair detangled from root to end, styled with or without product and completely dry. NO twist -outs, headbands, ponytails, or any other manipulated curls will be accepted. Deva Cuts can not be preformed on manipulated curls, must be your natural curl pattern.
  • Your stylist will begin your Deva cut as soon as you arrive to the salon. Being Deva ready
    is essential! If your stylist has to shampoo, detangle, style or do any other services to
    prepare you for your Deva cut a charge of $40 will be added to your service.


  • You cannot get a full natural hair consultation by itself. If you do need a full
    consultation, then we would recommend booking a First Time Client appointment.
  • Consultations are complimentary with a scheduled hair service. After your hair has been washed, conditioned and is wet in its natural state, your stylists will be able to determine:
    curl pattern, shrinkage, breakage, straight pieces, thermal damage, etc. Your stylist will
    then discuss with you the best styling products and services that are conducive to your
    hair needs and your lifestyle.

Booking Appointments

  • ALL appointments must be booked online at EnviousCurls.comor by downloading Genbook app
    (via Google Play or Apple App Store ) and searching for Envious Curls in Dunwoody,GA.
  • ALL services must be booked a-la-cart. For Example if you would like color, cut, and flat
    twist out.You must schedule for color, haircut/trim with service, and flat twist out.
  • Stylist will only be able to preform scheduled services on clients
  • All first time clients must book First Time Client appointments ONLY.
  • First time clients can not receive any color services or KMB Treatment Services 
  • Client are able to rebook and scheduled multiple appointments as far out in advance as the 
    calendar online/Genbook App allows.
  • Clients in the salon receiving services will be able to rebook their next appointment or
    change ONE appointment in the salon at the time of their service. All additional
    appointments must be booked via or through the Genbook App.


  • In the event a client is unable to find an available appointment time/day via or Genbook App, they will be given the option to be added to a waitlist
    for that day or time.
  • Clients can inform their stylist via text that they have added themselves to the waitlist.
  • If an appointment becomes available the client will be informed via email and text, and
    asked to confirm the appointment.
  • Clients will be given up to 1 hour to confirm their appointment.

Pet Policy

  • Pets are not permitted in the salon.

Children Policy

  • All children must be accompanied by an adult useless receiving service.
  • Envious Curls does not have an age requirement for hidden receiving services.
  • All child services are the same price as adult services, unless otherwise specified by
  • Envious Curls reserves the right to refuse service to any child unable to physically or
    emotionally receive service (i.e. not big enough to sit in styling/ shampoo chair, or too
    sensitive to allow stylist to efficiently serve him/her)
  • Children receiving services may be dropped off and/or left under the supervision of the
    stylist for the duration of his/her services.
  • A 30 minute pick-up call for text will be given to parent/ guardian. We reserve the right tocharge a late pick up fee of $50 if child(ren) are not picked up within allotted time.

Client Preparation

  • All clients receiving services should arrive with all twist, braid, ponytails, and extensions removed from hair; unless otherwise discussed previously with stylist.
  • If your stylist has to remove /assist in the removal or is delayed from starting services
    due to the removal of any twist, braids, ponytails, or extensions; a standard fee of $30
    will be added to the balance of clients services.
  • Stylist reserve the right to charge and additional $30/ per hour for extensive removal.
  • All clients should arrive moderately or fully detangled.
  • Excessive detangling will result in a standard $40 detangling fee.
  • Stylist reserve the right to charge and additional $40/ per hour for excessive tangles.